High Quality Linen company provides you whole size chart of quilt cover, sheet set, and bamboo pillows, etc. We sell products in single size quilt cover sets to king size quilt cover sets, crafted from a good quality yarn.

Details of Sizes & Quality:

All our products contain luxurious quality, standard and beauty, that you would prefer. There are sheet sets and bamboo pillows of the below mentioned sizes. We manufacture our products by highest quality to accommodate your modern mattress types. The value of your quality sleep and comfort in our pillows are considered.

Beach and Bath Towels:

Our shop sells pillows made of pure materials and yarn that offers smooth touch and a cool feeling. Our company also possesses expertize in making bath towels of every size. Difference between bath towels and beach towels is in size only. Sizes of bath towels are from 27 to 52 inches and 30 to 58 inches in dimension. But the Beach towels are larger comparatively and it isn`t the right choice for everyone.

For the choice of your standard, browse all our sizes of pillows for a peaceful sleep.

Title size
King Quilt Cover 245 x 210cm
King Fitted Sheet 180 x 203 + 40cm
Queen Quilt Cover 210 x 210cm
Queen Fitted Sheet 152 x 203 + 40cm
Double Quilt Cover 180 x 210cm
Double Fitted Sheet 137 x 193 + 40cm
All Size Pillowcase 48 x 73cm
Title size
King Flat Sheet 255 x 274cm extra depth
King Fitted Sheet 180 x 203x 40cm extra depth
Queen Flat Sheet 240 x 274
Queen Fitted Sheet 152 x 203 x 40cm extra depth
Double Flat Sheet 228 x 254 cm
Double Fitted Sheet 137 x 193 x 40 cm extra depth
All Size Pillowcase 48 x 73cm
Title size
Beach Towel 75 x 150cm
Bath Towel 69 x 137cm
Hand Towel 40 x 60cm
Face Towel 33 x 33cm
Bath Mat 50 x 80cm
Bath Sheet 180 x 160cm
Round Beach Towel 140cm in diameter
Title size
Antibacterial Contour 60 x 40 x 12cm
Antibacterial Standard 60 x 40 x 14cm