How to Judge the Quality of Bath Towels

Towels have become a very important thing in human lives. They are being used by people all over the world for different reasons especially after coming out of water.

It always feels good and refreshing to wrap yourself in a soft, highly absorbent towel. However, towels are not made the same and the hardest part of selecting them, is understanding quality standards.

Some bath towels may seem soft at the start but deflate in a short while. You need a good and trained eye to spot quality. The following are the steps to judge quality bath towels.

Know the qualities of a good towel

Bath towels have the following characteristics that determine quality.

  • High absorbency: This factor is achieved by maximizing the surface area. In general, towels made from cotton material offer the best service for drying the body and hands.
  •  There are several weaves for towels. Among them, Terry has been recommended ad the most absorbent one. If you are looking for an ideal towel for body and hands, this is the weave to consider.
  • Strength and durability: Even though cotton offers the best towels for drying the body, there are different kinds of cotton. The Egyptian cotton is regarded as the best cotton on the market. It is strong and makes the most excellent fabric. A quality linen towel is another great item that lasts longer and serves better.

It is vital that you understand how to describe quality is wash towels. There are more characteristics to look out for. One clear thing is that, a good bath towel needs be soft enough on your body. It will not be a good idea to choose a towel that is too rigid as this will only irritate your body.

Look at the content of the fabric in the towel

Even with knowledge that a good bath towel is made with cotton material, there is more to learn. Cotton comes in different quality with some being long and some being quite short.

A good and high quality towel is made with fine, long cotton fibre. The length of the cotton in the fabric gives room to create the best and original thread count.

Egyptian and Brazilian cotton is usually identified as the best choices on the market. There is also the Supima cotton that is not very easy to find but an excellent choice.

Your own testing

Another great way to judge quality is to do the taste yourself. While walking in the store, touch and feel whether or not they fit your needs.

The internet provides another great way to acquire variety. You can bed linen online Australia using your mobile phone. You use reviews from other users and the experience of the online store to taste quality.

But if you have visited the store personally:

  • Look closely at the fibre.
  • Feel them with your hands and body.
  • Check the size if is satisfied you.

The ideas laid above should give you better insights on choosing a bath towel. And to make it even better, you can shop around and identify the best deals.

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